Past Projects

Hanging Steven Cohen’s Chandelier at the Cape Town Art Fair 2016
Stevenson Gallery, Cape Town. (February 2016).

The Stevenson Gallery wished to display Steven Cohen’s famous Chandelier piece in their booth at the Cape Town Art Fair 2016. However, since the piece is designed to be worn by Cohen during his performances, displaying the chandelier naturally while not actually being worn posed a unique challenge. In the past the gallery had tried displaying the piece on a mannequin, but felt that the lifeless torso form detracted from the delicacy and lightness of the chandelier itself. In addition, the 60+ individual batteries that power the LED lights that Cohen uses during his performances require constant replacing and so were ill-suited to permanent display.

In order to overcome these difficulties a hidden steel framework was designed that simulated the anatomy of a human torso and thereby gave structural support to the corset. This internal framework was reversibly sewn into the corset and hung from the original shoulder straps to make sure the chandelier’s weight distribution was the same as when the corset was worn. Next, custom LED lighting was hand-wired on enameled copper wire in order to visually camouflage against the antique metal arms of the chandelier. Finally, elements of the chandelier that had become damaged in its lengthy transport from France to South Africa were repaired and then artificially aged to match the original elements.

Reference contact: Sophie Perryer at the Stevenson Gallery, Cape Town.


Custom Pendant Tube Lights for Christine Cronje’s exhibition ‘On Breath and Ash’
Michaelis Galleries, Cape Town (March 2015)