Art + Engineering

By combining his expertise in fine art and engineering, Martin offers artists, galleries and designers specialized services in the intersection of these two traditionally separate disciplines. Some example services are listed below, however the unusual challenges found in this niche area often require entirely new and unique combinations of craft, design and technology.

– Complex mould-making in rigid and elastic materials.
– Multi-piece, hollow & slip casting in foams, resins, clays etc.
– Structural reinforcement and suspension.
– Integrated electronics, computer automation & A.I.
– Computer-Aided-Design and Manufacture (CAD/CAM).
– Custom lighting & display systems.
– Advanced digital image processing (eg. 3D, face tracking etc).
– Mathematical design methods (statistical, geometric, calculus, empirical etc).

With a talent for devising elegant solutions to these unique problems, Martin has already worked for leading national and international artists, galleries and museums. Information regarding past projects (ranging from custom exhibition lighting to electro-mechanical display solutions) as well as reference contact details can be found here.


Martin Wilson Fine Art + Engineering Services